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Data Strategy Consulting Services

It's 2023. You've invested time, money and resources in data and AI. Let's look at the results- are you realizing business value?

We begin with your people, your #1 resource. Through a proprietary process, and drawing from the knowledge we’ve gained from our time in industry and working with 100’s of clients we employ a rapid-fire approach to assess current state of your business and design a data strategy based on your objectives.  Our data strategt consulting services toolkit includes frameworks, designs and organizational models that accelerate time to value and offers our customers insights into their business that are both meaningful and actionable. 

The frameworks that our experts have developed consist of pre-configured metrics & motivators that we tailor based on your business strategy and performance goals. In addition, a rapid-fire assessment with competitive benchmarking of your data maturity and strategic objectives will help us channel your efforts in the right direction.

Benefits of Data Strategy Consulting Services

An effective Data Strategy can provide organizations with numerous benefits, including:

  • Enhanced decision-making – Aligning business objectives to data-driven insights allows organizations to make more well-informed decisions that drive growth and success.
  • Improved efficiency – A data strategy can streamline data management processes, reducing costs and enhancing productivity.
  • Greater competitive advantage – A well-defined data strategy enables organizations to capitalize on their data assets and maintain a competitive edge in the market. They will help you prepare for future implementations of AI and ML solutions at scale.
  • Compliance and risk mitigation – data strategy consultants can navigate organizations through the complex regulatory landscape and mitigate risks associated with data privacy and security.
  • Innovation and growth – identifying opportunities for innovation enables organizations to become data-driven, unlock new revenue streams, and fuel growth.


of organizations are planning to increase their investments in data in the wake of potential economic uncertainty.


of companies claim to use data to drive innovation but lack a data strategy.


faster transformation cycles have been experienced by companies leveraging a data strategy.

Data Strateg Consulting Program Topics

Each Module is designed to help you create a personalized data strategy based on experience and insight from our time in industry as well as partnering with 100’s of clients developing data strategies to unlock the power of data.

Module 1: Introduction to Data Strategy

Apply a value creation framework with four perspectives to generate insights from data and learn to build data-driven products at scale to execute your data strategy.

Module 4: Data Pillars and Industry Regulation

Define which pillars of your strategy are foundational to your current-state and need to be activated now e.g. governance, management and quality vs later e.g. data science, advanced analytics etc.

Module 2: Designing a Data Strategy

Learn a practical three-step methodology of designing a data strategy that’s aligned to your business strategy. 

Module 5: Data Platform and Architecture

Organize data technologies into four categories: data acquisition and generation; data integration and operationalization; data analysis; and data consumption. Identify the processes and technologies for each step of your end-to-end data supply chain.

Module 3: Data Organization and Culture

Gain a high-level view of how to build a culture to enable data-driven decision making in your organization; formally structure your organization to create value from your data; and implement an effective change management roadmap.

Module 6: Future-Proof

Look to the future of data & innovation, as well as the companies business goals and strategies that can inform and continuously improve your strategy to ensure it’s ongoing effectiveness and delivery of unlocking value from your data

Data Strategy Consulting Benchmarking
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Informs Your Strategy & Roadmap

Uncover the use cases and business drivers. Map and align to both strategic and tactical objectives. Perform cost, benefit & value analysis. We then determine the technology best suited to solve for those needs. Our proprietary process offers our customers insights into their business that are both meaningful and actionable.

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Accelerates Your Jouney In Becoming Data-Driven

Define how people and processes factor into the way your organization achieves and maintains success with data and analytics. We will help establish a formal data governance program to ensure data is accessible, secure, uniform, and trusted throughout the organization. We also provide guidance on committee composition and charter, and will facilitate meetings as a neutral third party.

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Implements Reusable & Scalable Processes

Best practices and technology in the data and analytics space evolve quickly. We will help you choose the best frameworks, models and tools for your needs, ensuring they compliment and integrate with the rest of your data ecosystem and technologies. We also provide optimization recommendations for existing organizational models and tools , so you get the most value from your investments.

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Enables The Ability To Monetize Data

A data strategy roadmap marks clear goals and sets a path to enable data monetization. The roadmap is the foundation to leverage data as an asset. Our streamlined approach to this process will define and package existing data products with the ability to differentiate and monetize your data.

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