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Data Certification Consulting Services

The easiest way to identify, define, govern and unlock the value of Critical Data Assets (CDAs) across your organization

Imagine a game-changing solution for heavily regulated and non-regulated organizations that activates the value of data, mitigates risk and ensures regulatory compliance of Critical Data Assets without the burden of high upfront costs, specialized skills, IT involvement.

Data Certification is flexible enough to support your needs, be it regulatory compliance, internal auditing, or risk management. Conversely, it can also help enhance the business value of your data and devise novel ways to monetize existing and new data assets.

A Certification That Sets You Apart

Adds Credibility To The Organization & Build Trust in the Organization's Data

Trust is the driving force behind any organization’s success. A Salesforce research reports that customers believe trust is now an essential motivating factor than a few years ago. But the fact also remains that trust is difficult to earn. The same study also reports that 54% of customers believe it is more difficult than ever for companies to earn their trust. Privacy certifications enable companies to earn and retain the trust of their customers by embracing ethical data collection and handling practices. Professional certifications validate those practices.

Shows Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

Organizations can retain their customers while adding credibility to their data collection and privacy practices with professional certifications. With these certifications, organizations can demonstrate their proactive approach to managing and protecting their customers’ personal and sensitive data.
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How Data Certification Delivers a Competitive Advantage to Organizations

How Data Certification Brings Value to the Business

improved business value

Improved Business Value

Equipped with timely, relevant, and accurate data, your now positioned to engage and delight your customers, elevate your brands value, and unlock meaningful conversations.

reduced risk of non-compliance

Reduced risk of non-compliance

Define, monitor, and maintain your data simply and efficiently, helping to ensure you comply with all applicable data regulations and allowing you to make business-critical decisions based on accurate, trustworthy data.

Increased efficiency and innovation

Increased efficiency and innovation

Discover real value in your data by revealing and removing inefficiencies, improving your decision-making processes, and finding valuable product and customer information to boost your company’s innovation.

Decreased operational costs

Decreased operational costs

With Critical Data Assets inventoried and certified from a single interface, automated audit checks, and integration with data quality issue workflows, you can lower personnel and infrastructure costs and spend time utilizing your data rather than just managing it.


A credible data certification program can foster a culture of data expertise for a company, create an identify and seal of approval for its critical data assets , and provide a level of trust to the public—value propositions that all companies and their members should find beneficial

As a company, we have over 20+ years of experience in data regulation and monetization initiatives in the Banking, Financial Services, Real Estate, Insurance sector. We leveraged this domain knowledge to develop the Data Certification solution.