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We started out as a data team ourselves, and over the past 20 years in the industry, we’ve built a number of proprietary Data Strategy frameworks, Data Governance and Certification Models, and delivered on several Data Monetization initiatives in a record 12 months – one of the fastest deployments of its type.

Fast forward to today, and DatalogIQ is the leading Data-Strategy company. We accelerate and enable transformations across a diverse portfolio of industries, powered by our proprietary data certification solution and data exchange that deliver accurate and complete data.

Our team has worked for and in every aspect of the industries we partner with, and with a diverse portfolio of companies. Our solutions have been battle-tested through 100+ data projects, and partnering with thought leaders and disruptors has enabled us to provide a personalized data strategy, a set of frameworks, and data monetization models tailored to each engagement to future-proof and unlock unparalleled results.

Based on our extensive experience, we firmly believe that in this unprecedented data era, it’s just as much a people/cultural transformation as it is a technical one. This ultimately is what differentiates us, as we provide a holistic strategy that creates not only a competitive advantage but also a culture fueled to unlock your data and the ‘art of the possible’.