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Data Monetization

Our Goal is to expand the way stakeholders & management teams value data & AI assets by approaching your data with a product-driven mindset.

We’ve accomplished and successfully monetized data by adopting the philosophy of treating data as a product. To productize, data teams should adopt product thinking best practices:


Our 5 Step Data Monetization Playbook

Various Types Of Data Monetization Vehicles:

Direct Data Monetization 1

Direct Data Monetization

Uncover the use cases and business drivers. Map and align to both strategic and tactical objectives. Perform cost, benefit & value analysis.

direct data monetization

Data-Driven Business Models

Resell data to interested third parties while respecting data privacy regulations.

data monetization products improvements

Data-Driven Product Improvements

Identify brand- new business models to deliver your existing products and services.

data monetization Embedded Analytics for Cross-Sell and Upsell

Embedded Analytics for Cross-Sell and Upsell

Enhance products and services by analyzing user behavior and competitive offerings.

We provide data, AI and machine learning validation, valuation, and value creation, resulting in 2 potential pathways to Data Monetization – One with an internal focus and one with an external one